Pit Bull Partners Rescue Mission™ Program Highlights

  • Temperament-tested pit bulls from local animal shelters paired and trained with veterans and first responders.
  • Companion and emotional support dogs provided in the initial phase of the program, for veterans capable of caring for a companion animal. Veteran and dog train together on basic dog obedience and healthy dog socialization, working toward passing the Canine Good Citizen test..
  • Collaboration with existing veterans’ groups to heighten awareness of the program, as well as to educate about pit bull type dogs and to dispel misinformation published by media and Breed-specific legislation groups.
  • Within these veterans’ groups, potential Peer Dog Trainers/Class Leaders identified and trained to help provide consistent dog obedience training and support to pit bull/veteran partners and/or to act as ambassadors for both the program and the pit bull type dogs.

Long-Term Goals

  • Food and veterinary care provided when the veteran is unable to financially support their partnered dog. Support is maintained until the veteran is financially stable
  • Long-term intent of providing veterans with severe symptoms of PTS and/or TBI with Psychiatric Service Dogs trained to meet their specific needs.

Information and Resources for Emotional Support Dogs & Therapy Dogs