My first Equest-Yoga with Horses

I am learning that yoga allows me to release stuff I have physically hoarded into my body. It allows me to let go of emotional baggage also. So all those times I have said “don’t worry about it, I am over it” and then it resurfaces 3 years later, I found I still haven't let it go, it's still stored somewhere in my body. My neck and shoulders, or my hips…. I was excited for my first first to Equest with the Warrior Spirit Project.

Enter the horses

We first took some time to connect with the horses and then we connected with ourselves through yoga. The horses allowed us to take it one step further. I found they don’t judge, they simply reflect what we are feeling. If we are anxious, they let us know.
It is quite an experience. It was not about getting on a horse and riding it is about the connection within the stillness. Working side by side with these majestic beings I found myself more grounded and calm.
We finished the afternoon with an iRest session.